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What is Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy?

Yoga is a time-tested practice that roots us back in ourselves and encourages our innate connection with breath, body and therein the present moment. Contemporary techniques of Western psychotherapy invite us to reflect on who and how we are and express our truths accordingly. Together, they give us the opportunity to find our center, the place where insights can emerge. This powerful framework for transformation, healing and growth is what defines Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy.

How Does It Work?

Imagine for a moment that your body, mind, thoughts and emotions are not separate entities but rather woven aspects of the same integrated whole called bodymind. Your memories, feelings, beliefs and sensations are all maintained on a cellular level, the story of your life is literally embodied. In this way, your body is a map, containing all the information you need to know to feel healthy and whole. Rather than looking outside for answers or remedies, consider the possibility that everything you need to know is already inside of you.

Therapy Space

Sarah offers one-on-one Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy sessions where clients can access their own innate wisdom. Using simple dialogue, movement, and the power of presence, this practice supports clients on an inward journey where memories, experiences, thoughts and sensations can emerge in a safe, non-judgmental environment. As the bodymind's network of thought, emotion and physical sensation is explored and/or released, awareness creates space for the possibility of transformation and personal growth. As insights emerge, clients use their own wisdom to implement practical steps toward living more fully in their bodies and their lives.



Yoga therapy is appropriate for anyone looking to explore the riches of the bodymind. Insight Yoga Therapy offers a safe and supportive path to wellbeing regardless of age, gender, body type, fitness level or physical condition. All that is required is your body and an open mind. Potential Benefits Include:


bullet Release of physical and/or emotional tension
bullet Increased body awareness
bullet Relaxation
bullet Ability to make connections between behavioral and physical patterns
bullet Enhanced ability to solve problems and make decisions
bullet Capacity to overcome self-limiting beliefs
bullet Improved ability to manage life’s daily stresses

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