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Benefits of Yoga at work

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Health is Wealth.
The success of a company depends on its most essential
asset -- employees. When your employees are healthy, they are better able to face challenges, manage stress and use their energy efficiently. According to a number of studies, companies who make an investment in the health of their employees reduce operating costs and increase their bottom line. Yoga is a small expense with an exceptional return. This ancient system of stretching, breathing exercises and quiet relaxation has the ability to offer an endless array of benefits for your company and its employees.


Sarah brings classes directly to you. We provide yoga, the mats and props.  You provide the students (your employees) and the classroom space. Men and women of all fitness levels, ages and body types, can practice yoga. Classes can meet one to two times per week in conference rooms, cubicles, chairs or hallways. Yoga-at-work is flexible to best serve your needs. Morning, Corporate Yoganoon-hour, or after hours classes are available to your employees.


Some of Sarah's corporate clients are represented to the right. To discuss rates and details, please call Sarah:
or contact her via the form.

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